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who are we:
The first company in the field of contracting and contracting, GROWTH company specializes in entering tenders and auctions, import and export of all materials, trade of building materials and electrical, electronic, Established in 2018

Our History:
The idea of ​​establishing GROWTH came from our work in Al Ostoura Company specialized in tempered glass and aluminum, where we carried out the largest and most important projects inside and outside the country, and upgrading nonetheless came GROWTH to develop its course in the engineering and architectural sectors, and will not be limited to glass and aluminum.

Proceeding from our vision of the coming renaissance of reconstruction in Syria to be a synonym to complement our modern technical work and to keep pace with the modern reconstruction.

Our Mission:
Based on the need of our beloved country for national companies specialized in the field of engineering, contracting and reconstruction, GROWTH was established as a leading engineering company in the region with high efficiency and expertise, specialized in the implementation of engineering projects and interior and exterior design with the highest quality standards depending on the international and local levels. A contemporary and unique architectural framework and strive to provide the best work with the best specifications and results to rise and grow together towards a better tomorrow and contribute to provide a distinctive vision to keep pace with the outside world with its development and modernity

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